Keisha and Reg Green live in the suburbs of Los Angeles, raising their daughter Agali and awaiting the birth of their second child. Keisha works as the office supervisor of the local branch of Phantast Staffing Services and oversees the assignments of about half of the cast of the strip. Regís exact job is still undetermined. "Iím looking forward to finding out what I do for a living," Reg says. "I know I go to work in the morning, but Pat hasnít decided exactly what I do. Right now, I go to work and end up twiddling my thumbs in an undefined space. However, I am getting very, very good at minesweeper." Agali is currently in the first grade and has superpowers. Her parents agree that she is far too young to fight crime with them, so Agali currently only uses them for play.

The Gargoyles moved into the house behind the Greens a year ago. A hundred of them live there due to a loophole in the zoning laws, but we only see the handful of them that are awake during the day. The dog-shaped Cog spends much of her time playing with Agali and Sanjay when they are home from school. The short Tok and even smaller Tik babysit the kids while their parents are working. "Tik tricked me into babysitting. Thereís no way I would have chosen to watch over the neighborhood punks on my own," Tok says. Tik responds, "Heís just cranky because he hasnít found a reasonable way to weasel out of it." Tok and Tik both work for Phantast Staffing. Tok works regularly with Sven as a guard at the Antill, a palace in another dimension. The oversized gargoyle, Arch, is currently studying to become a cameraman.

Sven Sever is a part-time hero across the universe and part-time stuntman in Hollywood. He has the unusually ability to lose and reattach his body parts without permanent damage. He often spends his weekends with Tok and Cog collaring criminals. "Itís strictly low level stuff," Sven says. "Weíve only helped save the world a couple of times, not on a monthly basis like the major leaguers." He is dating Fenwort Longtail, a cat-person and photographer who frequently works as a paparazzo.

Ganesh is the most popular of the Hindu little gods. As a god of new endeavors, he is great for travel, grand for business, and generally just a good way to start the day. He owns Phantast Staffing Services, although he does not oversee its day-to-day operations. He spends much of his time directing commercials in Hollywood, while keeping an eye on the action in Bollywood. Sanjayís family follows Ganesh and lives next door to the Greens. Sanjay goes to school with Agali and spends much of his free time playing with her and Cog. "And bugging Tok, of course," Sanjay adds. "Although I think his crankiness is mostly an act. Or we kids canít properly judge adult reactions yet. One of the two."

Icingbell is the receptionist at Keishaís branch of Phantast Staffing Services. She is an elf from Faerie and well over two thousand years old. She is dating Sain, Ganeshís personal assistant. Sain is a second generation Egyptian-American whose parents live in New York City. "His parents think Iím just a fling, and that Sain will eventually settle down with a nice Muslim girl," Icingbell says with a smile. "Time will tell."