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What is Phantast Staffing Services about?
Phantast is a daily webcomic about the associates of an employment agency that supplies heroes, henchmen, and data entry specialists to the world. It updates eight days at week, although the eighth comic is in the Member�s Area. The strip has a large cast and lots of political and social humor.
What�s in the Member�s Area?
There is an eighth Phantast strip, wallpapers for your computer, cards to email or print as half-page cards, and my old short stories that I don�t expect to even publish elsewhere. The area is currently open to the public, so check it out. I'll be taking it down and shuffling the content back into the main site when a get a few weekends.
Who are you?
I am Patrick Rennie. I was born in 1976 and live in Erie, Pennsylvania. I went to Penn State University, where I flunked out of Astrophysics in my junior year (Theoretical Newtonian Physics did me in, although the computer program suggesting that, under general relativistic conditions, the Earth should plunge into the Sun after only three months certainly didn�t help). I continued on in English, but eventually dropped out. While I�m currently unemployed, I worked as a temp for a number of years and have also written one novel and a script for a graphic novel.
What are the novel and graphic novel about?
One is about the how the universe was destroyed, what went wrong after the destruction, and why the destroyer is going to have to do it all over again. The other is about why a troll would live under a bridge, the rise and fall of an empire, and how a troll helped it rise again without ever leaving her bridge.