Page 1

Panel 1

The edge of pond deep in an old forest. The water in the pond is dark. The grasses along the shore are shaggy and overgrown. A fairy named Yuli is landing on a plant along the edge of the pond. Crouching in the water in the pond is Teeglop, a frog with the face of a human.

Yuli (sing-song): Teeeeglop, I came to talk to yoouuuuuu.

Teeglop: Come a little closer, Yuli. My tongue can’t quite reach you from here.

Panel 2

Yuli is lying on a leaf that is bending down under her weight.

Yuli: Noooo.

Yuli: I’m good.

Panel 3

Teeglop is looking up.

Teeglop: I could serve you some tea.

Panel 4

Yuli is sitting up and considering the offer.

Yuli: I do like tea.

Page 2

Panel 1

Teeglop is looking up at Yuli. Yuli is looking solemnly back at her.

Teeglop: Come down and I’ll make you some.

Yuli: Will you offer me comfort of your home and hearth?

Panel 2

Teeglop is rolling her eyes.

Teeglop: Sigh.

Panel 3

Yuli is leaning forward with one eyebrow raised high.

Yuli: And keep me from harm as the oath of the host demands?

Panel 4

Teeglop’s expression is sullen. Yuli is smiling broadly and flying down to meet her.

Teeglop: By my oath I am bound.

Page 3

Panel 1

Yuli is following Teeglop through the water and plants.

Teeglop: One of these visits, you’ll forget to ask for the oath.

Teeglop: On that day, you will make a delicious meal.

Panel 2

Yuli is still following Teeglop. Yuli has a happy, empty-headed expression on her face. She is trying to conceal the fact that she is lying. Teeglop’s expression is skeptical.

Yuli: Did you know that tea turns fairies poisonous?

Teeglop: Hmph.

Panel 3

Inside of a chamber carved from the earth. Teeglop and Yuli are sitting at a small wooden table. Teeglop is pouring Yuli tea. The walls of the chamber are decorated with beetle carapaces and insect wings. The severed head of a fairy hangs from the ceiling.

Teeglrop: So, did you hear why Muckgully did to the river rats in Elegy’s Bog yesterday?