Here’s that something.

Among the things I will be posting here are my comic strips, short stories, and books that have accumulated over the years. Since the blog isn’t set up to handle the strips without shrinking them yet, I figured I’d start with my first book. Twenty-six chapters with one chapter posted each workday would keep us busy for a month while I tweaked the look of the blog, right?

Except the files were all saved in an old version of Microsoft Works which weren’t compatible with Word 2003. Lord forbid that a single company keep its two word processing programs compatible. So I dragged my old computer out of the attic and spent most of my free time today converting the old Work files into old Word files, transferring them on floppies to the new computer, and then changing them into new Word files so I wouldn’t have this problem for another decade.

I want to proofread the chapters before I post them (it’s been awhile), so I figured posting this weekend wasn’t going to happen.

Then I remembered that I downloaded my old Phantast Staffing Services site a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of shutting it down. The code is all php, same as this blog, so this site should be able to run it, right? So here it is in all its chunky glory! I intend to repost them in the main blog here with commentary, but there’s certainly enough content there to keep you busy if you haven’t read them before.

And now I can shut down the old site. Save me some money so I can buy me new things.