A couple of games to look at today. Here’s a taste of the second one first.

I’m getting too old for dungeon crawling.

The first is an iPhone/iPad game called Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP. Superbrothers is apparently the name of the developers. I have no idea what the EP is about. It isn’t out yet, but just look at it.

I love pretty.

Who are you calling pretty?

The second game, Desktop Dungeons, isn’t pretty, but it is fun. Even better, it’s already out and free for Windows and Macs.


A roguelike, it takes maybe twenties minutes to play a complete game. Pick your race and class and fight your way through a single level. There’s just enough resources on the map to kill the final boss, assuming you’re smart and lucky.

Muscle Man!

Me, I die a lot.

You unlock new classes and new monsters as you play, so lots of replayability.

Did I say it wasn’t pretty? I lied. The default graphics aren’t as pretty as S:S&S EP, but they look great. Except for the Barbarian. He looks like a baby.

Give me my bottle!

There you go. Something to play, and something to look forward to you. What else could you want?

The Internet is a giant slush pile, and I’m the unpaid intern wading through it. Here’s a bit of pretty dredged from the dreck.