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I’m finally posting some of my old works. Don’t expect any major updates to them unless someone throws money at me. Better to keep moving forward and keep learning, I think, than to revisit something done some time ago.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not new to some of you.

Here’s my webcomic, Phantast Staffing Services, which ran from March 2004 to October 2005, archived in its original php.

Here are the first of my LEGO comcis, because I think they’re neat and I keep forgetting what the links to them are. LEGO 1, LEGO 2, LEGO 3, LEGO 4, LEGO 5.

Finally, in the posts below is my first book, a fantasy novel titled, “The Nameless Sword.”


            The Destroyer of the Universe woke in the Crypt of the Firstborn and reached up to push aside the sarcophagus lid. His left arm screamed as he pulled himself out, a painful reminder of the battle that took place in the final moments. The light from the entrance of the crypt filled the chamber, revealing more than a thousand other sarcophagi lining the floor. His opponent was nowhere in sight. (more…)

            The canyons stretched for miles in the city of Tagerden. Towering stone buildings lined the winding streets, creating shadows burned away only by the height of the day. The crowds of the city disappeared during that time, taking shelter from the blistering heat of On. Zonneshin. The merchants closed their stalls and removed themselves to sup and rest before facing the customers who would shop long into the evening. Down on the docks, men cursed the sun and loaded the cargo onto the ships set to leave on a tide that cared nothing for the heat. Elsewhere, others whose duties kept them under the sky sweated and prayed for Zonneshin to hurry along his way. (more…)

            Celeres trundled back along the street, returning from feeding the gate guards. The streets of the city were empty save for the beggars taking what shelter they could in the narrow shadows from the eaves of the buildings. Celeres ignored them, knowing the heat pushed most of them into slumber. Even the few alert to his passing would not spare the energy to futilely proposition him for a bit from his cashbox. It was the same every day, so Celeres, wrapped up in his thoughts of Sanura, failed to notice the shape dropping down from the roofs before it knocked him over. (more…)

            The crowds stared at them, of course. Even wrapped in a blanket, it was obvious just what the body was. Parading through the street with a corpse simply was not done, but Sanura’s uniform parted the crowd despite any doubts they had. (more…)

            The stench of sulfur grew stronger as they traveled down the tunnel.

            “We’re not heading toward Knud are we?” Celeres asked. (more…)

            The collapse of the tunnel cut away the ground beneath Khenet. Sanura and Celeres jumped up, but there was little they could do while the dirt slid. Sanura called out, hoping against hope that Khenet might somehow escape. (more…)

            The morning brought a messenger with it. The night before had been quiet, but the lovers had not gotten much rest, comforting each other in the dark. Khenet had slept like a rock. (more…)