From the Desk of the Dictator:

Welcome back from your weekend everyone.

To recap the last few weeks: others and myself were kidnapped by aliens freaky even by alien standards in that their species isn’t particularly genetically stable. Shine dubbed them Asyms due to their asymmetrical bodies. The Asyms spend their spare time seeking out the best genetic arrangement by pitting their abductees against each other and themselves in combat. I probably would have just introduced them to one of universe killers that live on Earth if they had just asked nicely, but they weren’t really interested in taking tea with me.

Instead, they dumped me in with Green Needle, Fusion Man, and Shine Jackson. That would be a medical doctor who specializes in killing things, a biologist specializing in creating exotic alterations in the living, a superhero with easy access to the entire spectrum of fusion/fission reactions, and a blogger for whom bizarre adventures is a common place. Apparently they couldn’t see the trouble that combination might create.

First, they let us keep our basic equipment, because they consider tools part of a being’s genetic expression. Fusion Man brought his pocket lint, I brought my Technefarious communicator and a few sharp objects, Green Needle brought her apothecary-in-a-gun and a few other tools, and Shine brought his tablet and cell phone. Really, I’m selling Shine short. Sometime during his adventures, he picked up a bunch of different super-science widgets and crammed them all in normal looking computer equipment. Universal translator? Check. Full EM spectrum wifi recognition? Check. Local area sensor suite? Check. Media editing? Check. Using the wifi to connect to the Aysms’s computers, Shine hacked into their system using the universal translator, recorded a picture of our cell with his cell phone, and created a fake video to fool their security system with the media editor. I might have claimed earlier that Shine doesn’t have any superpowers. I think I lied.

Once he was in, Shine also dumped the data he stole into Green Needle’s cell phone and my communicator to let us dig through their data to develop a plan. It turned out the reason Fusion Man couldn’t just blast his way out of our cell is that the Asyms coated every surface in the ship with a force field that they manipulated with the wands their carried around. When they wanted to shove us around, all they had to do was wrap us in fields extending from the walls and push. We also found their transportation method – galactic range spontaneous small wormhole generation. They didn’t have a ship over Earth; just a small scouting probe that could direct the wormholes. Getting home required getting through one of their wormholes which required getting past the force field which required dealing with the Asyms.

While Green Needle wading through the Asyms genetic history looking for ways to take them apart, I had Fusion Man make me stuff from the food they were feeding us. We started with a wand for the force fields, so we could get at the walls, so Fusion could make more equipment derived from the Technefarious equipment designs I keep in my communicator. By the time I had everything I wanted, Green Needle was ready to go, so we went. Having hacked through their defenses and found vulnerabilities in their wild genetic structure, we stomped across the ship, leaving havoc in our wake. After fighting our way through a six firefights, a dozen hostile fellow-abductees, and one fat mountain of happiness-inducing marmalade (I’d love to know the full story behind that one), we made our to the teleportation room. I ran the now hacked controls for the unit, sending everyone else through first and leaving something behind for the Asyms.

Back on Earth, Fusion expressed his admiration to me for my willingness to be last off of the Asyms’s ship. I responded that among the items I had him make for me back in the cell was a bomb strong enough to rip apart the spaceship even with all its force fields intact and that I’d stayed behind so I could arm it.

Fusion Man doesn’t like me very much.

Before he could decide if he really wanted to kill and before he remembered that he was supposed to be arresting me for the many, many crimes I’ve committed over the years, Green Needle hooked into Technefarious’s own teleportation systems and spirited us away.

That’s enough for now. It’s just good to be home.

Have a good week everyone.

Your Leader,

Dr. Photius Callaway

The Killing Man