HA! The Upstart thinks me incapable of tinkering with the computers of these modern times. As if the addition of pretty graphics and better interconnectivity pushed the structure of computer science beyond my ability to extrapolate the rules of the changes in the technology.

I, Dr. Crankpot, original founder of Technefarious wish to reclaim my proper role as its leader. Dr. Callaway, assuming he actually holds a PhD, is willing to kill to keep it. Such a crude man. However, the fact that he hasn’t killed me out of hand for demanding to be reinstated to my position means that I’m willing to let him stay with Technefarious after he’s been properly demoted. Never let it be said that I am not generous.

Let’s see. What else does he usually cover? Social activities – we’ve got some sort of sport event and some sort of craft show. Sounds like an enormous waste of time.

And on this week’s cafeteria menu – tacos? That’s some sort of foreigner food, isn’t it? When did that happen?

Enough of this. I have work to do.

To the future, my minions!

Dr. Phinneas Crankpot